Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Book Snippet

Today I'm home again because it's a snow day! We have more snow than I can ever remember having, which of course is SO exciting. All this snow has me in the mood to read snowy-themed books with my boys before bed. One we read last night is one that we've read several times already. I usually think of it as a simple book to read simply for enjoyment. I love turtles, and the main character is a lovable tortoise. But last night when I read it, I started seeing more teaching ideas- ways you could take this simple book and turn it into a lesson. So today I'm giving you five different ways you could take this simple book and apply some meaningful comprehension skills. I would love to make this "Winter Book Snippet" a regular thing, too!

I hope you got some good ideas here and I hope even more that I can make time to do more "book snippets" for you. ;) I love digging deeper with lovable children's books!

Time for me to go sledding again!

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